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            Welcome to browse the WUXI DPOWER ELECTRONIC CO LTD the official website! Hotline:(86-510)83138966    中文版 中文版

            ABOUT US

            Wuxi D-Power Electronic Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is located on the coast of the beautiful Lake Taihu, about 1km away from the north exit of Wuxi expressway. It is about 100km from Shanghai and 30km away from Suzhou. The location brings advantages in acquiring the latest market and technology information as well as providing convenient and fast transportation. We are a company committed to providing products like the high-end lithium battery charger and switching power supply. 

            • Custom

              Help customers to design their own custom battery charger

            • Quality

              DaPai 100% of quality testing, sales and technical support

            • Certificate

              All export products have relevant certificates

            • Research

              Research and development on significant scientific research achievements


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